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A Nice Surprise

Way back in September, before the snow and when there were still leaves on the trees, I left on a fairly quick trip to a construction site in rural Prince Georges County where I heard from a friend that there was a Cretaceous exposure.  When driving there, I didn't have high hopes for the sight - I thought maybe I'd find a few teeth but since Cretaceous teeth in Maryland are considerably harder to come by since the Science Drive site in Bowie is harder to access now, I thought I'd give it a try. 

   Almost immediately I began to find teeth there, but not exactly what I was expecting.  I saw some bits of Cretaceous exposure but also some Paleocene exposures.  The teeth, while they may be a mix, appear to me (I don't do a lot of shark teeth, so correct me if I'm wrong) be Paleocene, not so much Cretaceous since I didn't find a single cow shark or anyother clearly Cretaceous teeth - mainly just sand tigers, which can be confused with Cretaceous goblin shark teeth.  Whatever they may be - cretaceous or paleocene, I found a good number of fairly large teeth, some in great condition, and only left because I could no longer find any on the surface and I didnt have permission to do any digging.  Fossils, nice weather, and no traffic coming from VA meant it was good day. 

1 available
Location Prince Georges County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/9/2009

The haul from the trip

A Tour of PG County...
A Tour of PG County...





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