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Summertime success

This Summer started off great with my last post and since then me and my Dad found quite a few nice things. We didn't find any more complete rics or chubs but we both found fossils that are firsts for us. On the first trip we took after my last post we didn't find much in the beginning. We both dug for hours and didn't find anything besides common teeth. After we both collected for 3 hours my Dad found a new spot which looked very productive so we tried it. We immediatley started finding teeth. My Dad found his best Auriculatus in his first sift and a little while later I found a ric and a small mako. At the end of the day we both left with nice teeth and we were looking forward to trying the spot again. On the next trip we originally planned on trying the spot where we both found rics but we actually tried a different spot and decided to save the other spot for next time. On this trip we didn't find a lot of teeth but I did manage to find an Auriculatus blade and an anterior Xiphodolamia ensis and while my Dad was looking in the water he found a rock that looks like it may be some type of artifact. On the third trip we wanted to spend most of our time at the spot my Dad discovered earlier this Summer. On this trip I found a small ric and a lateral Xiphodolamia ensis. I also found a tooth that I originally thought was a broken Otodus but after looking at many teeth I am thinking it is either an Alopias grandis or P. benedini.On the next trip we tried the same spot and I found a 2 1/8 inch Striatolamia, a 2 inch desori, and a small broken mako. I also posted a Physogaleus secundus that I found a while ago.

1 available
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added9/10/2010

Alopias grandis or benedini?
Dad's Auriculatus
My Auriculatus
Aftifact side 2

Happy Squali-days
Happy Squali-days
Good times, Great finds
Good times, Great finds
Ramanessen Finds 8-20-09
Ramanessen Finds 8-20-09

- 9/21/2010
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