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Digging up an old trip from last year

This is a trip from last year in November. In this trip report, I was searching for new spots and came across a pond that was recently finished. I combed the fields of dirt from the pond and noticed that there weren’t any phosphate pebbles, which is what fossil hunters generally search for when looking for new fossil sites to collect in SC. I was about to call it quits and leave until I noticed a very small shark tooth fragment that was camouflaged in cream colored quartz sand with hints of green. This time I spent more time walking slower and looking closer to the ground and it paid off. I found an assortment of unusual finds, including fossil crab legs and claws, Gomphotherium tooth fragments, fish ballast bones, fish skull caps, and oddly shaped fish vertebrae (possibly fish skulls?).

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/28/2011

Crab claws and legs
fish jaw
second view of the fish jaw
Nice sandbar shark teeth? They look like a cross between sandbar and bull shark.
Nice sandtiger shark teeth.

Fish skull cap?
Fish skull cap?
Unidentified Fish Vertebrae
Unidentified Fish Vertebrae





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