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Keep on Rackin in a Free World

DW and I had been eyeing the Edisto for several weeks; waiting for safe diving conditions to collect some fossils after an extended absence. I made the trip to the Lowcountry and met up at Chez Weezil jammin to the father of grunge.....The day was spectacular for collecting with bright sunshine and good viso; and after a winter of high water, we planned on a paleo-droolfest. The first dive I tried my new gear out in some deeper parts of the river and did not collect much; the seccond dive I was ready to rack!

We set up our dive flags so the boaters would have an obstacle course, and settled on our favorite dive spot. Within five minutes I had a sweet double-root squalodon tooth, and the teeth and bones were popping out of the gravel bed. This spot has been yielding fossils for years and the hits kept coming! I saw DW filming our paleo-adventure and expressing his artistic vision of fossil collecting; and then he scored a archeo-mystecite whale tooth! Awesome! I think we both feel this fossil is a top prize from this strata! I continued my search and fanned out a sweet Kirk spear point, then some potsherds. I planted on this 10 foot x 5 foot area of the river and bagged a nice angy, bones and loads of teeth. I found an unidenfied bone (far left of haul picture), any suggestions?

I met up with DW at the boat and he had bagged a huge angy, and the best Oligocene P. benedini I have seen! The boat nearly sank from the drool intake the boat took after I laid out my fine wares from the day. Maybe one of the best collecting days we've had in a while!

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added5/30/2010

What a nice haul today! I left out the pile of smaller teeth and frags. Not sure what the bone is on left.

1-7/8" Angustiden tooth
1-7/8" Angustiden tooth
Squalodon yoke tooth
Squalodon yoke tooth
2-1/4" Kirk Corner Notch Point
2-1/4" Kirk Corner Notch Point
Edisto Death Hole
Edisto Death Hole

Great Stuff - 5/30/2010
Reviewer : DeloiVarden from South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
Thanks for sharing your fossil trip. Some great specimen. I have done pretty well searching Charelston and Dorchester counties, but hope to search Colleton soon. I have no clue what that large bone shard is. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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strange bone - 6/1/2010
Reviewer : fossil1111 from
Total Rating : No Rating
I can not see from the picture (a litttle too dark)- but is there a socket joint at the proximal end of the bone. If so it may be a scapula. Just a thought.
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