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Noname Spot…For now

As most of you know, we BRFC-ers like to name our collecting spots. Typically, after a collecting trip yields its finds, or an event transpires, we will name a spot. This spot was a newer one, and was located after endless hours of searching; its gravel beds appeared untouched. DW, Weezling and myself geared up and entered the tannin-stained waters in the ACE basin to free its fossils from their aquatic residence. It did not take long to find teeth sticking out of the gravel layer. The gravel was so thick in some places I was backfilling where I fanned; I was rewarded quickly with a nice squalodon incisor and several 2”+ angustidens. I fanned out a large mako, and then some horse teeth. The amount of large teeth was phenomenal but many where broken…we fanned for about 4 straight hours before hunger and exhaustion set in. I ended up with 2 more whale teeth, a large short-fin mako tooth and a sweet copper angy. DW and Weezling had scored a ridiculous number of teeth as well. As we departed, DW mentioned he had filmed a native SC land mammal which had passed by in the river…hmmmm…maybe this action will create the name for “Noname” ??

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/14/2011

A most rightcheous haul!

Another Mid Summer Edisto Fossil Hunt
Another Mid Summer Edisto Fossil Hunt
1-3/4" I. desori
1-3/4" I. desori
1 5/8" Copper Angy
1 5/8" Copper Angy
3" C. Angustiden
3" C. Angustiden

I love that spot! - 8/15/2011
Reviewer : dw from Summerville South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
Those teeth cleaned up good! Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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