December 7, 2022  
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edisto river fest

Well another year has come and gone for my birthday....every year svillej....toothhoover.....and myself get together for a week long fossil hunt the week of my birthday and dive the edisto......this year river is still way to we cleaned up my yard where river had flooded and rest of week was out to look for new spots.....we hiked about a mile through swamp and found a nice creek with a lot of gravel and started sifiting scored some great whites ......a reef shark tooth ..........a few nice little over one inch angys and the score of the week for me was a 4 inch Angy with feeding tip damage ......this tooth would have been over 4 inches!!!!!!!!!!!all in all great birthday week with great guys and good food a great party....

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/18/2013


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Hey Chuck Norris, Here Comes BRFC !!
Hey Chuck Norris, Here Comes BRFC !!
Racking my dreams
Racking my dreams





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