February 25, 2018  
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Another windy trip, 4/11/2010

Low tide was late in the afternoon and it was windy again. I took my neighbor Justin along and we hit the beach around 3:30. As soon as we started up the beach another collector passed us heading in the other direction. At that point I thought, "bet he picked up the big ones" but we kept going out the beach anyway. Just 50 or so yards down the beach I noticed a flat surface just exposed in the sand. It ended up being a nice little meg with most of its serrations, my trip was made. As we continued up the beach the teeth were actually plentiful and Justin found a large mako missing a root lobe and a worn meg. Later he found a split meg with a slant height of about 3.75 inches. Maybe another day he will find the other half. On the return trip, the surf was covering a large amount of the beach. The waves would break cover a large portion of the beach and then recede for a very short time before more waves would cover the beach. I was walking in a couple of inches of water when I noticed a surface of a vertebra break the surface of the water. I watched the area as the waves washed in and out and I was astounded. In the matrix were 5 associated dolphin verts about 1/3 exposed. I grabbed my pack and started looking for my camera case. Nooooooooo!!!!!!! I left my camera at home. I spent some time looking around but could not find any portion of skull. Without any tools or means to transport the verts I watched one more wave cover them and then headed towards the car. The wind was blowing the tide out so maybe they will be there next time for a picture. I have just completed a glass bottom box allow for a picture if I find them again.

1 available
Location Westmoreland County, Virginia, USA

Date Added4/26/2010

The haul.
Meg and Thresher.


Waves of opportunity! - 5/11/2010
Reviewer : DCC from
Total Rating : 10
Nice assortment! It's always exciting and frustrating when you see interesting things moving quickly through the waves. Frequently it is not what you "find" but what you can grab or at least photograph. I really enjoy mammal finds. Congratulations on a nice haul! Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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