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Otodus from Trade   Undisclosed, Undisclosed - Otodus obliquus
I got this nifty and pristine Otodus sp. from a flee market. Again, I dont remember where it was from, but due to its perservation and color, I suspect somewhere in northern Africa or the Middle East....
Partial Chub from trade   Undisclosed, Undisclosed - Carcharocles chubutensis
I got this partial chub, maybe angy, at a flea market. I don't remember what it was or where it came from. All I remember is that it was cheap....
A rare cenomanian echinoid in Germany   Undisclosed

Saturday 19th of April, western Germany

C. carcharias from Baja   Undisclosed - Carcharodon carcharias

I bought this tooth several years ago. It's from Baja, Mexico.

I toed you so!   Undisclosed, Undisclosed
During one of my collecting trips out west I came across a very nice specimen of a mesohippus. It's an ancestor of the modern horse. It's commonly referred to as a "Three toed horse". I found it in the Late Eocene, Chadron Formation of the White River Badlands. It was an articulated specimen and had superb preservation. Part of the skull was missing and some of the vertebrates. The area it came out of was an old water hole. It had probably sank into the mud at death, which prevented it from b...
Cowboys and Indians   Undisclosed, Undisclosed
The following story is true. Only the names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. All participants are probably guilty of a lot of crimes, but I forgive them. This is my story. I remember when I was young that the neighborhood kids would get together and play Cowboys and Indians. Nobody wanted to be the Indians because everyone knew they were the "bad guys". It was all about the "good" guys and the "bad" guys. There was no in-between. But now that I'm older I realize that ...






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