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Severe Fossil Withdrawal

Never having posted my New Jersey fossil finds and going through a serious winter fossil withdrawal period I decided that I had to do something so I have dumped out all my little jars and did my best to group like items together. Now I know you guys out there finding those hugh megs may tend to look down at my collection do to the size of these guys but let me remind you that when good old Megalodon was swimming the sea there was at the bottom of the ocean (or under the ocean) my new jersey fossils from the cretaceous. The grid pattern is in 1 inch increments. Feel free to identify any thing of interest in the photos and if any of you new jesey guys ever want to team up and hunt fossils I am in. contact me at mikegrutt@verizon.net
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added2/19/2009







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