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Singing In The Rain.......

Well we all met up in the contractor parking lot to a gloomy day.  We waited for the bus with anticipation of getting to hunt a brand new area.  Then the bad news came in...the bus was broke down.  But I would like to thank Curtis Ormand for bringing out a couple of vans and another bus so we were able to hunt.  We didnt end up getting in until the last  group and by the time we got to the ramp everyone else had already made it half way into the collecting area.  But that didnt stop us from finding some really nice stuff.

My wife got a nice 3 3/16" Chubby when i told her to search an area of Pungo because i was heading out to the back.  When i got out there i found my first and only decent Meg and thought it was going to be great and that i may be able get my first big meg form aurora.  Wouldt be the case this time though.  I did manage to find a nice hill that gave me 3 associated Pilot Whale teeth.  At leaste thats what i think they are butim not to sure.  Then on the same hill i ended up pulling up a 4 inch Ray Scute.  Then on my adventures back to the ramp i stumpled upon a nice Hex sitting on a pedistal jst waiting for me.  All in all not a bad day.  Until next time....Good Luck Hunting!!!! 

Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added3/3/2009







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