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Several months at Surry

I've been collecting in Surry VA for the past several years, but this is my first post to Black River. My experience at the beach on the river bank south of Jamestown is that the fossils are not plentiful, but usually are of a good size, and it seems there is always something unusual in the mix. The photos attached have some of the things I've found in the past few months. The huge bone is the biggest specimen I've ever found and I believe it is a rib bone of a whale. The oddly shaped long tooth is possibly a from a sperm whale. Two of the three verts I believe are shark, but the dark colored one seems much older and I've never seen anything like it on the fossil sites. Out of all the things pictured I was most excited to find the small meg. Its the only one I've ever found and even though its quite beat up, its a treasure to me. The other teeth are just samples of what I normally find on any given trip to the beach.

2 available
Location Surry County, Virginia, USA

Date Added6/22/2012


Gar teeth
Gar teeth
Another great weekend
Another great weekend
2-27-09 Chippokes State Park
2-27-09 Chippokes State Park





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