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Deck the Hauls

Over the Christmas break, da fossz and young 'uns met the weezling and myself at the poop ditch - aka Paleobum's spot. We call it that because its loaded with coprilites.

We hunted for a few hours but the backbreaking labor sapped our wills to continue before we got anything nice. For one sifter full of material, we had to bail out ground water, dig off slop / overburden, fill a bucket with layer, carry it up a slippery hill and across a narrow walkway between the hole and the creek, and then back down a steep ditch bank to sift it out in the bottom of the creek. I filled 9 buckets this way before I just couldn't continue any more. We got a few teeth and I thought some interesting things but later paleobum informed me otherwise. I thought I had found a little thigh bone and it turned out to be fish a fish coprilite.

Location Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/21/2008

Doesn't this look like a thigh bone?
Here's another view.
...but it's not - its a fish turd. I believed the hype and got schooled.
This is a postneural from a turtle. "The small protrusions on one side is what's left of the vertebrae." - paleobum

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