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Bad backs

I visited the dino dig pit today. The temperature was only going as high as 74 and I looked forward to not having to sweat my butt off for once. The only problem was that I couldn't find any volunteers to go with me. Everyone had an excuse. I heard about football on TV, family reunions, etc. The only thing I didn't hear was the real underlying reason they couldn't go. They were out of shape! The dino pit requires a lot of digging, screening, sorting and carrying. And to warrant the long drive to the site you have to work hard for 5 to 6 hours. Not the kind of thing that an armchair fossil collector looks forward to. Most of the volunteers are aging Baby-Boomers who are looking for hobbies in their early retirement. They watch a few specials on the Discovery Channel and then picture themselves discovering giant dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert. The reality is that most fossil collecting is boring and monotonous. Not to mention backbreaking! Shoveling sand and rock, for hours at a time, discourages new volunteers in a hurry. So my volunteer bucket had run dry again. I was on my own. Well, almost on my own. The area that I'm working at is under a very large oak tree. The only tree for some distance it turns out. It provides great shade for part of the hot afternoon. It also attracts birds. Hundreds of pre-migrating birds this time of year. They continuously take off. and land, all day long. And when they take off they shed any excess weigh. Through bowel movement. So all day I had to wear my broadband straw hat and had to change into a spare set of cloths before getting into the truck. Just one more piece of reality that you don't see on the Discovery Channel. I still managed to find some good stuff. No dinosaur material showed up this time. Two worn mosasaur vertebra were the closest thing. I was wore out by the end of the day. It was good to get home to a hot shower and Mrs. Bums famous store bought pizza. The recliner calls my name. Dear? Could you hand me the remote? You want to watch what? No! Not the Discovery Channel again!
Location Williamsburg county, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/14/2006

Not bad for an aging Baby-Boomer! Crocodile, turtle, shark, and fish.
A good variety of crocodile material.
Over one hundred crocodile teeth today. Most were Bottosaurus.
A wide variety of shark, ray, and fish material from the site.
The best item of the day. The end of a bird bone. Probably paleocene, based on the the layer it was in. Too worn to classify to species level.

Down in a Muddy Hole with Dad
Down in a Muddy Hole with Dad
A BRFC Gathering
A BRFC Gathering





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