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An Unexpected Megalodon

Dude! I love the rain. Well, its not the rain so much that I love as it is what the rain does: erode the layer. Since Monday when I found that insane angy, I've been at the Big Ditch either before work or during lunch everyday. Yesterday and Tuesday I really didn't find much, but today I found enough to make a post. When I got out there, I met the county workers who maintain that ditch, and today was the day they were to clean the downed trees out of the channel. I'm very appreciative of that because it makes it easier to hunt, but while they are doing it, it really mucks up the water. I couldn't see anything in the main channel, so I hit the branch which was as clear as that ditch gets. I looked really closely and walked that side the whole way to the end. I had hardly found anything there when I reached the end. Typical... Before today, I hadn't found anything to keep in the branch. But then, right at the end where the Wando layer starts getting thick, my luck changed . About a foot under the surface of the water, I saw what looked like root lobes sticking up from the sand. I wasn't too excited because almost every meg found at this place is broken. I reached down, expecting an ironically shaped rock or a busted meg, and I pulled up a whole one. I had to do a double take to be sure it was all there. I rinsed it expecting to see that it had no enamel or something like that. But when I cleaned it off, it had all the enamel. Coolness! Its only my third whole meg from the big ditch. I'll bet there are more there, though. And I'll bet that they'll be washing out soon. I'll have to be sure to be there when they do to say hello.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/14/2002


Finally back under water
Finally back under water
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Preemptive Taco Bell
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