January 18, 2022  
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Another good fossil day thanks to the rains

We had a nice drenching rain yesterday and that makes collecting pretty good. ThA duDe and I had already planned on going, but we planned to go at 10 so we could sleep in. Tha duDe just moved this week, and he doesn't have a phone yet, so I couldn't get ahold of him to tell him to get here earlier so we could pillage the Big Ditch before we went out to Superpit. I checked what time sunrise was before I went to bed last night and told myself that I wouldn't set an alarm, but if I woke up early enough, I would go out there. Sure enough, I woke up naturally 2 minutes before sunrise, and 3 minutes after sunrise, I was in the ditch! I gotta get out there early because there are others who get there early, too, and unless you get there the same time as or before them, you'll be out of luck as far as collecting goes. I was only there for 20 minutes before they arrived! It didn't matter, though, because I had my secret weapon with me and I was RACKIN! I had 5 nice little angustidens to show for my efforst. At 8:45 I was back to my truck, and I decided that my work was complete. I picked up some doughnuts (Taco Bell doesn't open until 9:30) and headed home to chill with tha fam before tha duDe showed up at 10.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/8/2003

I seldom find this many quality teeth in one outing! I guess I should thank the county for dredging out the bottom and exposing so much chandler bridge.

Just a little rain and a little luck...a good combination !
Just a little rain and a little luck...a good combination !
Bringing a old toothing spot back to life.
Bringing a old toothing spot back to life.





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