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Perfect conditions, but that's about it

Anticipation was high today as we had lots of rain this past week. Collecting would surely be top notch. The roads would be muddy, though, so we would have to bike everywhere. Unfortunately, we had to tell t$ he couldn't go because we couldn't fit 3 bikes in my truck. I feel I should publically apologize for the fossil dis. I'll make it up to him sometime. Anyway, we head off to Superpit first. It had definitely received plenty of rain, but there really wasn't much laying out for the grab. We ended up digging for everything we found, and on top of that, we only stayed for an hour because we were both hungry and anxious to get to Top Secret. Just before we left, tha duDe found a sweet mako, and that was our sign that a bell run was imminent.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/17/2003


The Marathon
The Marathon
The Marathon
The Marathon
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!
Its a good thing this hobby is so fun!





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