January 27, 2022  
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A day I can't wait to forget

Today was an early day - I woke up before 7, and I was at the road into Superpit by 7:30. I got on my bike and started riding in when I noticed how dry the road was since we had gone a whole week with no rain. Against my better judgement, I put my bike back in the truck and started driving down the road. I skillfully avoided the first few spots of mud, and when I hit the major one, I was confident. I steered over to the right side of the road, hugging the ditch on the left and the muddy rut on my right. About halfway past the rut, my tires slipped into the hole and I was stuck. Stuck bad. My left tires were both off the ground, my right front tire hadn't hit the bottom of the mud yet, and my right rear tire (coincidentally the only one that moves) was only kicking up mud. Luckily, I have a nice jack and shovels, so I thought I could dig myself out. For an hour, I jacked up the tire, put bricks under it, and repeated the process. Finally, I realized that it was futile, and I was only rubbing off valuable tread with my vain attempts to extricate my little girly truck from the quagmire. What a fool I was to try to drive through this spot! What a lazy bum I was not to ride my bike in the first place! I finally admitted defeat and called my wife to get some phone numbers of tow trucks. Well, an hour later, the guy arrived and he pulled me out, and I parked where I should have and rode my bike down the road. Out $65, I decided to try to salvage the day, and I dug like a man possessed. I barely took time to drink anything I was digging so hard, but at the end of my alotted time, I had only a few cruddy broken teeth to show for the day. I'm over it now, but I don't hope to repeat the day any time soon! I'm sure in a couple of years when I've forgotten about this, I'll come back and laugh hysterically at the photo of my truck stuck so badly in the mud.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/31/2003

I really should have known better than to try to drive through this!
At least I found something when I finally got my truck out of the mud.

Neighborly love.
Neighborly love.
The Forgotten Loot
The Forgotten Loot
Would you like to buy a bridge?
Would you like to buy a bridge?





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