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The Marathon

I had to get an immense amount of toothin in today because of the killer rainfall we've had lately. I'm feeling the tinge of a sore throat coming on, so I'd better go now. I could be laid up for weeks! I didn't need to dig at all today - just walk and pick up the fossils. The first stop was the Big Ditch. The water was still running really high, so I didn't find much. Indiana was there and we shot the breeze for a little bit, but we went our separate ways early on in the hunt. Like I said, the water was still deep so I couldn't see the bottom. Maybe tomorrow after work I'll take the bucket out there if I haven't been hospitalized. But for today, my ditch rendez-vous was over. On to the next spot.

Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/7/2003


Angustidens Nursery
Angustidens Nursery
A Sifting I will go...
A Sifting I will go...
Just a little rain and a little luck...a good combination !
Just a little rain and a little luck...a good combination !





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