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Da f0ssZ, fresh with fly new ride pl8Z cruized up to my crib about 9. We rolled to the golf course first but the crews were working. I showed df where all the scores of late were made, but then we rode on out to superpit to dig. It was just as we left it, as there has been no rain since his last visit several weeks ago. df was down into the pit first, and not wanting to miss out on anything, i decided to just tumble down the hill. its only a drop of 10 feet into mud 18 inches thick. Like a shovel laden superhero, i lept forth from the quagmire to join df in his expectant ingress. with the devastator, we powered through the overburden to the layer. df concentrated on a single area while i moved around sampling different areas. in an area full of bone fragments, i pulled out a 3.5" shamer megalodon. i dug that area to nothing before i moved about 20 feet beyond df. then i struck paydirt - a nice little 2" great white tooth. i carefully exposed it and snapped a photo before i removed it - UGH! it had a missing left root lobe. bummer. oh well. i moved out into the field where i started probing for the layer. i found some and started digging again. df soon followed suit. we ended up in the same area and he struck a nice little angustidens tooth. we finally left when the time was up, satisfied that we tried our hardest to uncover the killer. maybe next time. its not over for me this weekend, though. my search for a top quality fossil this holiday season comes to a finale tomorrow!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/2/2004


Lots of glue.
Lots of glue.
Keeping DW
Keeping DW's Angy trend alive.
Angy Shamage
Angy Shamage





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