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Easy Picking's

I'm adding a few more South Carolina fossil invertebrates for you invertebrate lovers. When people come into town, to collect fossils, they'll usually ask me to take them to anywhere they can collect shark teeth. Sometimes we end up in limestone quarries with the Santee Limestone formation. This hard limestone doesn't give up it's teeth without a fight! It requires a hammer, chisel, and a little patience. The teeth are few but there are thousands of marine invertebrate casts and molds. But to get them out in one piece requires more patience than the average fossil collector can muster. So very few invertebrates make their way home to private collections. And for those very few that do make it? They usually get put away when the collector finds out that they don't have the tools, or skill, to clean them up. It's a hard earned skill to remove fossils from hard matrix. From chemicals, to expensive pneumatic scribes, there's just too much work involved for the average collector. That's really too bad. A lot of fantastic fossils get passed up each day because they aren't "Easy Picking's". What's that? You'd collect echinoids if they had big sharp teeth! Whatever!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/1/2006

This is a Cidaris mitchellii. An echinoid from the Middle Eocene Santee limestone. A lot of tender loving care under the microscope went into preparing this beauty.
A top view.
This is an undescribed tulip shell from the Middle Eocene, Tupalo Bay formation.
Another angle shot.

Probably the last day diving this year - good thing it was a bag filler!!
Probably the last day diving this year - good thing it was a bag filler!!
Gobs of teeth!
Gobs of teeth!
Gobs of teeth, part 2!
Gobs of teeth, part 2!





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