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I was attacked! It came out of nowhere and without warning drew blood. It should be put into a museum somewhere and locked up for life. As I cleaned a cup of Early Eocene material I reached in to break up the smaller clumps. I received a sharp pain in one of my fingers and instinctively pulled my hand out of the water. Stuck to my middle finger was a tiny shark tooth. It had waited millions of years to get it's last (I hope) meal. When I looked at it under the magnifier I was amazed that it had survived in such fine condition. Although there's a lot of references out there on shark dentition, they don't have much info on baby sharks. If you think you know what it is, send the answer to the Ditchweezil. I already know what it is. But this is a family orientated website and Mrs. Bum don't like that kind of language.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/30/2006

Small, but deadly.

Back on dry land
Back on dry land
Raking in the shark teeth
Raking in the shark teeth
Indiana's Pit





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