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Watch your step.

A few years back I was out at one of the local quarries with a few friends from Florida. We had been there a few hours when one of the guys let out a scream. We rushed over to where he was sitting on the side of a hill with something in his lap. He cleaned it off with a brush and we were stunned. It was the mandible from a walrus. I had found broken tusks there before from the Pliocene formation. But this was the largest walrus fossil I had heard of from this area. It was sent to the Smithsonian where it found a permanent home. The down side is that whenever we're out together, the person who found it, tell's everyone that he was following my footsteps over the hills when he found it. I had apparently stepped on it and exposed it enough for him to find it. This always prompts a few chuckles from the peanut gallery. Yeah, real funny. Maybe next time I'll expose a land mine. Let him laugh that off!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/27/2007

A Pliocene walrus mandible from South Carolina.

Class is out.
Class is out.
Paleo pain
Paleo pain
Shell it out.
Shell it out.

- 4/6/2008
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