January 17, 2022  
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The ditch is back!

Over the past few months, I have oft lamented the fact that the best spot to find teeth that I know of was no longer productive. Well, that was until we finally had enough rain to make me curious about it. I went after work and BOY was I surprised. The gravel I knew and loved was again easily visable against the green Chandler Bridge layer. And there were teeth again! I still can't believe that my spot is back. And its even better. The junk that they used to fill in the sides had teeth in it too, believe it or not. Now there are pretty little orange teeth littered amongst the natural fossils. I didn't really find anything killer today. A few nice small ones and two dolphin teeth were about all. But just the knowledge that I will again find perfect angys makes me just that much happier.
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added1/8/2002


A double shot
A double shot
Finally!! Some REAL rain!
Finally!! Some REAL rain!
My first dive of 2002
My first dive of 2002





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