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Bucket "o" Mud

Two weeks ago while my wife and daughter were up in NJ I took my son to a Cretaceous land site here in NC. The morning temperatures were in the low 30s and the ground was a little muddy so collecting with my son for any period of time was out. I decided instead to go and bring some material home to search through in the comfort of indoors. I picked up about 10 gallons of what I hoped was the right formation and spent the past two weeks searching it a little at a time. I’m still trying to get a handle IDing the various NC Cretaceous formations so I wasn’t sure what I was going to find or if I had even dug in the right layer. On the first flour sifter full of material I could see that there was quite a bit of greenish clay - not the easiest stuff to get through a flour sifter, but the broken goblin teeth told me that I at least wasn’t sifting playground sand. The green clay as it turned out, seemed to produce the most fossils - mostly broken goblin shark teeth and obscure pieces of bone though I did manage a couple of decent finds...
Location Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added12/22/2006

This was probably the best find out of the bucket. Its hard to tell for sure if this is reptilian or fish, but it looks like a plesiosaur tooth more than anything else.
Other various reptilian finds. The flat item appears to be a tiny turtle scute.
The larger pieces of bone.
Anyone have any ideas?
There were tons of partial teeth but few mostly complete ones.
The best shark tooth - I think I saw some complete two inch great whites in Paleobum's scrap pile.
Three Hybodont shark teeth.
An isolated enchodus tooth and partial jaw section w/half a tooth still attached.

Dino in NorthCarolina yep........
Dino in NorthCarolina yep........
My travels through time…Day 1 the Cretaceous
My travels through time…Day 1 the Cretaceous
Cape Fear Cougar?
Cape Fear Cougar?





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