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NC Cretaceous

Two weeks ago I made another trip hoping to expand my fledgling collection of North Carolina Cretaceous material. The forecast was calling for sunny and 65 deg which meant I could bring my daughter along without worrying about cold complaints. We arrived at the site early and gave it a scan since there had been a little bit of rain in the past week. There wasn’t much laying out in the open, the best find was a blond, slightly beat up croc tooth. While walking the site we were also introduced to teeth from more recent Bear Bluff formation - sticking out of the side of one mound was the tip of a large mako blade. I carefully dug around the blade but disappointment set in when I realized there was no root. It was a good tease anyway. We also came across a nice little lemon shark tooth and a tiny Sharpnose (Rhizoprionodon) tooth which was a first for me. We spent most of the remainder of the day digging and screening without any total killers but it was a good father/daughter day none-the-less.
Location Bladen County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added1/27/2007

More recent material.
Juli, being very proud of her ditch.
An almost complete sawfish rostral tooth.

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