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Thats not a tooth or is it?

We got a late start to the day not expecting to go but we couldn't pass on the low tide.  As we went by the cliffs to our fossiling spot it was obvious that we wern't alone.  A group of around 13 people from the Calvert Marine Museum we there for the same reason we were but luckily for us only about 4 of them choose to get to my father and I's favorite section.  Me and my father went are seperate ways each of us finding tons of bones and vertabraes around the same time my dad met up with 2 members from the CMMC he found a few 1" mako's and a small but complete meg.  I myself was quite lucky to find a mako just shy of 2" where someone had been looking through gravel earlier in the day.  Soon I start to hear voices behind me not knowing that the loud voice is actually my father, I continued down the beach minding my own business untill I got bored of finding bone and was to stuff to pick up anymore. We decided to take one last trip down the beach and I found a nice but beaten up mako and my father has to open his mouth and say, "Well thats the only good thing were gonna..." and before he could finish i stopped him.  Then I was sure that my 2" mako was the find of the day as we walked back to the boat and about 15 ft. in front of me is my father staning there jaw dropped playing the guessing game with me and when he opens his hand and shows me you could see why, the 2.5" mako made the day for him.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added3/25/2007

all the finds
nice little meg
my 2" mako
perfect 2.5" mako

memorial day fossiling trip
memorial day fossiling trip
I Love Hunting...
I Love Hunting...
Another Cow Symphyseal
Another Cow Symphyseal





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