February 19, 2018  
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We took our boat out to check out a few beaches last week.Pulling up on our first stop we had the beach to ourselves at least for a hour or so.The beach had a nice covering of gravel and shell but teeth were far and few between.We did find two 1 1/2 makos and a dozen small makos .Down the other end of the beach I picked up a small 1 1/2 meg , then two micro megs.The smaller one was under 1/2 inch wide,the smallest one we have.We rounded it out with a few dozen hemis and a dozen sand tigers.About this time two more collectors came down the beach.So we picked up three small blocks containing verts and headed farther south. The next beach had been picked over .We found a worn croc tooth and a few small teeth but all the larger teeth were broken.Leaving the beach the wind picked up and a cold fog blew in so, we cut the day short.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added5/13/2008

prepped vert from block

Manna from Heaven
Manna from Heaven
A fine March day on the beach
A fine March day on the beach
sweet winter time
sweet winter time





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