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Fuel for the fire

You can't find a whole meg every trip, but you can sure try!  This fossil adventure is more about what could have been, then what did happen.  It still was a good trip.  I found a couple of half way decent ecphora, a nice sand tiger, a small but nice mako, a large portion of a skate mouth plate, and a real nice ear bone.  The beach provided just enough material to make the trip post worthy (at least I hope!!).  The find of this trip however was a broken down, busted up root lobe. I know your not going to find a meg, or even a portion of a meg, on every trip from this bay.  They just are not that common.  Finding a part of what once was  a 3 1/2 to 4 inch tooth, from an ancient monster of the deep,  is still exciting to me!!  Its a find like this that adds "fuel to my fire" for finding a large, whole tooth.  Good hunting Chris

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added5/11/2007


Beats watching T.V.
Beats watching T.V.
Dog days of summer
Dog days of summer
Sweet Megalodon from Chesapeake Bay!
Sweet Megalodon from Chesapeake Bay!





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