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Old trip from february.

There was a cold northwest wind a first light. I was the crazy boy in his waders piled with layers of clothing and just as happy as could be. The first thing came from the swwet meg staring me in the face laying on some clay pebbles about two feet from where the normal surf line would be.....WOULD BE.....but today the wind had dragged the tide out about 50 feet. The beach was plentiful with tons of lil teeth I found over 300 teeth in total 30-40 tigers and contortus. The super nice thing was the near perfect squalodon tooth also sunbathing on the beach.

As the tide continued to recied I picked up a record number of porpoise and whale verts. (Around 15)

I would like to thank my God, the great winds, and being the first one on the beach.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/5/2007

The best of the days pickings. Sweet squalodon tooth. piece of a lower 3.5....would have been nice.
My whale tooth+Meg+perfect mako= :)

love the smell of coprolite in the morning
love the smell of coprolite in the morning
What Happened to Hannah?
What Happened to Hannah?
an odd colored meg, and the normal stuff
an odd colored meg, and the normal stuff





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