June 28, 2022  
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Any meg is a good meg

I haven't had much time for posting recently.  This trip is from a couple weeks ago.  I went to the beach to find a nice tide.  The kind where the beach is pretty level and there's a lot of shells and not too much sand around.  I was doing ok finding teeth when I spotted a root sticking out of a shell pile.  I pulled it out to find a decent little meg.  I continued to find teeth all the way down and was hopeful for the walk back.  Not 20 minutes later I come across a guy with a really nice 2.5 meg.  Oh well can't win them all. 

1 available
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/6/2009


Early bird gets the barb
Early bird gets the barb
various finds from the bay
various finds from the bay
some weird stuff
some weird stuff





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