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Maybe a bird skull???

Hit my favorite beach this morning, and I got there real late with the great beltway traffic.  To my surprise I was going to be the first one down the shore.

The conditions looked great, and I had a nice trip (was hoping to grab a meg...but not today).  I did find a real nice 1.5" hemi, an angel shark tooth and a real nice vert, but the interesting find is what looks to be a fossil bird skull.  I could be wrong, and if somebody knows for sure what it is please let me know.  It is 1.5" long by almost an inch wide.  It is definitely a fossil, and the first such thing I have found in the bay.

On the way out a bowling ball sized chunk of matrix fell from way up only about 20 feet in front of me!!  I know the southern divers have currents and alligators to deal with, but these cliffs freak me out and are DANGEROUS!!   Good hunting Chris

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/10/2007


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Thats not a tooth or is it?
Thats not a tooth or is it?





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