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Mixed bag from the bay

When going down to the bay this morning I didint get my hopes too high.  The last fossil hunt I was on was at the famous Lee Creek mine in NC, and it would be very difficult to top that.  The bay has been pretty picked over this summer/fall but I was hoping that some of the strong winds we had from the other day would release some new finds.

Over all this was a good hunt.  Nothing very large but some real nice teeth and a good varetiy of things were found.  The highlights consisted of some real nice cows, makos, a dermal plate, some porpoise teeth, a large croccodile tooth and the find of the trip a perfect posterior meg/chub...very nice!

Good hunting Chris



Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/9/2007


Where Hanna goes people follow
Where Hanna goes people follow
I can
I can't believe I walked by that
Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs
Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs





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