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little meg on a long walk

Thursday- January 3, 2008

  I have never seen the tide so blown out as this morning was.  The day to go would have been Wednesday because that was the first day to catch the wind blown low tide.  I was picking up little teeth on the way and some vertebrate but nothing great.  I did pull out a tiny meg from the creek a 1.5 inch lower… This was about 10 miles covered in 6 hours…Yeah I was a little tired when we got back


I made a mistake on my last 2 posts on the mako...I later read the major fossil bearing zones from the choptank are 17-19 ... NOT 14-17 LIKE i WROTE   Sorry for the mixup


Pickings were slim but I got some nice pictures with my new Camera…..Enjoy

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/4/2008

this shark would of made a nice pet

Calvert Cliffs Rarity
Calvert Cliffs Rarity
Tooth-a-palooza 2008
Tooth-a-palooza 2008
Super lucky day at the cliffs.
Super lucky day at the cliffs.





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