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Parotodus Benedeni from Calvert Cliffs?

Friday- January, 4th 2008


I woke up on my second day off from work to pay a visit to my favorite beach on the Calvert Formation. The tide was deffinitly coming in when I got there a couple hours after low tide. This is a good and a bad thing…Good for the beach and collectors the next low tide but bad for me today… Or so I thought! I took my sweet time walking down the beach searching carefully through and gravel piles that had already been looked over 10 times by other collectors. I found some nice Hemis a little mako and some regular stuff. Half way up the beach I ran into my friend Gary, the guy I went to aurora with…Anyway the tide was rolling in and with the cliffs crumbling constantly I didn’t feel very conferrable only being able to walk 5 feet from the cliff face.

So Gary and I just stepped foot out from the end of the cliffs and I see a good looking mako about to be washed into the water…I pick it up and damn if it doesn’t look exactly like a false mako. You look and decide for yourself but until proven otherwise that’s my story and Im sticking to it!

The tooth measures 1/6 under 1 ¾ . (diagonal measurement)   1 ¼ wide from root lobe to root lobe.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/4/2008


Land Mammal tooth
Land Mammal tooth
Goodies from the Bay
Goodies from the Bay





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