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relaxing day

 The tide was higher then expected due to some nasty winds. We walked the length of the beach picking up basic teeth. All the way at the end was a slump pile. I climbed up the top of it to get a look around and poked through some matrix and after 5 seconds of poking pulled out a 1 7/8 meg….Pretty sweet!

We walked back to the beginning of the beach to another slump pile. I began digging some out and Bob came up.  He started digging beside me so I went around the other side to give him some space.  Somewhere around 30 minutes later I hear “MEG!” …. Bob found his first meg ever!  A hell of a way to start with a 2 ¾ upper.  A little tip damage but a 100% perfect bourlette.

Woohoo bob! Anyway it was a gorgeous day out….Tomorrow would be an awesome day if I could go.???

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/9/2008

the haul

mega trifecta at calvert cliffs
mega trifecta at calvert cliffs
Toothing in a Winter Wonderland
Toothing in a Winter Wonderland
Frozen Day at the Beach
Frozen Day at the Beach





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