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So it was the second day of digging. Bob met me down there at sunrise and to catch the worm.  We walked the beach with not much luck. I got a couple smaller makos and a severely beaten up meg about 1.25’’. We worked for a solid 30 minutes uncovering our ten we found on Sunday. I was working the matrix out and doing a lot of sifting to get the smaller teeth. I got a good size vert out with the process broken off but we got that too. A little later a 1.25” mako came out. Sweet treat. The whole time were working this pile further back the mountain of clay in front of me is growing in height. Very dangerous. Bob almost got buried today! Never dig without a digger buddy! Call me Ill dig with you, we just don’t want to find any bodies while looking for teeth!!! On the brighter side by the grace of GOD I was brushing through some sediment and I uncovered a meg! Finally after 7-8 hours of digging between two days I got one meg.  But boy is it sweet. Not huge but I would have to say the most beautiful I have to date.

So if your willing to dig in heavy wet clay for 1/3 of a day to maybe find a 2 inch megalodon . More power to you.  If not just leave it to the crazy people!!!   HA have a good day yall.


Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/17/2008


Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs
Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs
I actully forgot how to post
I actully forgot how to post
Where Hanna goes people follow
Where Hanna goes people follow





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