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Frozen Day at the Beach

I went to my favorite stretch of beach on the cliffs this morning, with temperatures in the mid teens.  Ice was everywhere, to the point that the previous high tide never made it to the beach.  Teeth were very scarce, but I managed to find a sweet Mako and a small Meg with feeding damage, both of which measured just a hair under 1.5 inches.  Even without finding a whole lot of teeth, I still had a great time out there today.  I ran into Tony (the same guy who posts all the time on this site) today, and together we tried to move some of the ice floes out of the way to search the shallows, but didn't have much success.  Still, I'd much rather be out there, hunting in sub-freezing weather, than sitting in front of a TV.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/21/2008


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