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January 13, 2008

 10am. The wind was kicking from the east so beach collecting was pretty rough.  Beach collecting wasn’t the goal for today anyway. I met Bob and Chuck to dig an old pile.  We spent an hour just uncovering the good stuff But the remaining  5 hours to find teeth. I started out by finding a large piece of jaw, which I dug out very carefully.  About 10 minutes pass and I find another piece. So on and so on I ended up getting 6 pieces total. I then walked the beach a little and picked up a super nice 1 5/8 mako just laying on the sand about 5 people walked over it.  Later I was screening for smaller teeth and found a 1.5 inch section of sting ray bard. And I was really excited about this. I was even more excited when 5 minutes later I picked up the other section. Making its total length about 4 inches.  

So in the end no one came out with any megs, But I sure had an interesting day.

Thanks guys for keeping me company!


1.       The large stingray barb

2.       The first piece of bone sticking out of the matrix as I was digging it out.

3.       The massive hole we dug in the side of the old slump pile.

4.       The 4FT of rib I got to sit well together on my bedroom floor.

5.       The teeth I found today 95% were from digging. The mako was perched nicely on the beach.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/13/2008


A Huntinn with Govinn
A Huntinn with Govinn





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