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mega trifecta at calvert cliffs

    Wednesday at the Calvert cliff formations my brother Bob and i take another shot at locating some more megaladon teeth. Hoping for perfect conditions (which they were) thirty minutes into our endeavour I find my first megaladon tooth of the day, although far from perfect it was still a good find at 2 1/8 inches. Ten minutes later along the waters edge i find a much more well preserved tooth, and at 3 inches, I knew it was going to be a great day! As i progressed forward my brother felt it was in his best interest to retrace our steps. He was milling around the waters edge as i was, and while he was digging he noticed a big tooth about few feet away. It was another gem and was roughly 2 inches, what a find! I was really happy for him and the fact that we both struck gold was a really great experience. We ended the day with the usual finds of various shark teeth and Bob even got a few great mako's!
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/24/2008

The two Megaladon teeth that I found

Only time of year I wake up this early
Only time of year I wake up this early
A few more scraps
A few more scraps
Fresh air and nice porpoise/dolphin tooth
Fresh air and nice porpoise/dolphin tooth





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