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Big rock

Mid april in Maryland marks the great annual migration.Hordes of men with large boats pour into the state cloging every boat ramp marina and water way.For a short time fossil hunting becomes a contact sport between trucks,trailers and trolling boats. We hit the marina early and after a little hold up got to the beach two hours before low tide.With calm winds and waves under a foot for the last week, pickings were slim.After walking the beach high and low twice ,the only large tooth I had was a 2 5/8 meg from out in the shallow water.So I brought out the weapon of last resort,the dreaded drag rake.Normally I prefer the teeth to come to me but today they needed a little help.I picked a small section of beach and soon had small and med teeth to pick up.It wasn't until I walked back down my line of raked gravel did I spot a huge croc tooth stting on top one of the piles.At a hair over 2 inches its the largest we have and the fattest.We had to head back early to beat the mad rush of boats back in.I really would have liked to stay for the incoming tide.At least rockfish season will be over soon.
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/20/2008

2 5/8 meg
2 inch croc
small meg
porpoise tooth above seal canine below

Nice average 7 for 3
Nice average 7 for 3
Your're certifiable, Quint! You know that?
Playing in the Dirt
Playing in the Dirt

- 4/20/2008
Reviewer : Down by the banks from
Total Rating : 9.333
Some good looking teeth Content Quality : 9 of 10

Drool Quotient : 9 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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