February 22, 2018  
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Had to scratch that itch

Well its been a while since I have made a trip to the bay.  This past weekend I just had to get down.  I have been busy with work, and semi-side tracked with looking for shed antlers of deer.  Needless to say my wife "loves" my other new hobby of  finding more calcified parts of animals to jam into my already creepy office.

This post actually represents two fossils trips.  One is to the bay with fellow BRF member Tony "the digger" Holt and another trip to the Potomac on the Maryland side.  Both trips are very average.  The Potomac finds represent a long lunch break, and by the looks of what I found you can see why there are only half a dozen trips posted at that location.  My bay trip was highlighted by a nice cow, a porpoise ear bone, a decent mako and a threser tooth...a fairly rare tooth for the bay. 

Good hunting...Chris


Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/18/2008


Early bird gets the barb
Early bird gets the barb
Brass balls....
Brass balls....





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