January 16, 2018  
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12/7 Not much..

Took a walk on my favorite beach on Sunday, 12/7 during the afternoon low tide.. Sand was everywhere and it would be no stretch to say that this was my least productive trip here in recent memory. I did find a very small porpoise tooth and a shame’r of a large porpoise tooth. If the large one was whole that would have saved the trip but no luck. It was cold and windy, barely into the 30’s if that but still there were several people on the beach. At least six others if I remember correctly. Did not see any teeth from those fellows either. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time…
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added12/19/2008

Not much here at all, porpoise teeth were the best two things found.
If this big one was whole that might have been trip-worthy....

Where Hanna goes people follow
Where Hanna goes people follow
Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs
Hannah: Before and After at Calvert Cliffs
I can
I can't believe I walked by that





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