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First point from bay

The lack of quality, or any arrowheads for that matter, is what got me into looking for shark teeth.  Last week, while looking for giant megs,  I finally found my first Maryland point. 

Its made from a poor quality material, most likely Argolite, but the craftsmanship looks good.  Had the Indian who made this had access to good quality flint, like you find in New York, this would have been a very nice point.

A nice cow tooth,  a couple of good, tan snaggletooth teeth, and a small porpoise tooth are the other trip highlights.  Other small teeth and plenty of bones and vertebra round out the morning.  Good hunting Chris

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/15/2007


Finally - One to Keep!
Finally - One to Keep!
A Squalicorax that floats?
A Squalicorax that floats?
Skull Report
Skull Report





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