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Just what HAVE I been up to lately??

Its been a while since I've made a post, so, even though I didn't really do that well today, I'm making a post. thA duDe and I went to this new spot that I call the Blackberry ditch. We only dug for 2 hours, though, because we spent most of the day looking for new spots to hunt. We knew that we couldn't go home empty handed, though, so we came here to try our luck. I've known about this spot for a while, but because of the great hunting we've been accustomed to, we haven't been back since we first came here. Anyway, the best thing I found was the 2 5/8" mako, but the root has some damage, so I didn't take a closeup photo of it. Just so you know, though, I haven't been idle the past 3 weeks. I wanted to make a post, but my findings have been so slim that I didn't feel like bustin out the digital camera. But, if you're interested, read on. The week after I went to Aurora, I took off. The next week, I went to Lafarge cement quarry in Harleyville, SC. My luck was rotten that day, and I didn't find a single whole tooth larger than about 3/4" long. thA duDe did well, though. He found his first rick that day - it’s a beauty, too. 1 1/2" long and a nice orange color. Last Tuesday night, I took my Webelos pack to the scum hole to find a few fossils for their geology activity badge. They had a blast and picked up every shard of bone they came across, as well as a few teeth. I only found 3 teeth, but one of them was a shamer of a 3 3/4" meg. You don't want to see it - you'd cry. And then today, you already know about. You're up to date. Fear Not! Even though I may not have the forbidden pond anymore, I have a lead on a new spot. thA duDe is hot on the trail of that, and its almost warm enough to dive again. YES! There are some great posts coming, I'm SURE of it. Good luck in your hunt for teeth. Wish me luck in mine.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/27/2002


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Let the"rains" begin !
Let the"rains" begin !





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