February 21, 2018  
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Lunch stealth

Today's weather was awful - rainy, windy, and cold. The perfect day for toothin! Lunch rolled around, and I had my choice of places to go. With all the rain today, almost all the spots will be nice. I decided to go to a spot I haven't hunted in a while. A couple weeks ago, a couple friends went with me out there to go muddin'. I think that's a southern thing, so here's what's involved for those of you who have never had the pleasure. You find a spot that's nice and muddy. You take your 4-wheel-drive and spin around in it, speed through it, etc. It's a lot like a rollercoaster. Plus, Its better with more people because everyone's screaming and stuff. Anyway, we went out to this spot J of the Golden Shovel told me about and I saw the new digging, so I had to go check it out. Since we had all the rain today, the road in was REALLY muddy. Since I don't have a 4-wheel-drive (yet), I had to get out and walk. And it was a LONG walk. It was still raining, windy, and cold. By the time I got to the pit, I was soaked and freezing. But then I found teeth lying on the road. Immediately, the discomfort went away. I was combing the hills like a pro. Unfortunately, however, there was nothing! The road teeth were just a teaser, apparently. But they had to come from somewhere. So I got a little more daring and went a little further into the pit. I say daring because technically, I'm not supposed to be here. The Jedi Master told me to be prepared to get kicked out if I went there, and I was, but I still tried to avoid it. As I was getting ready to leave, I finally ran across some layer. It looked good, but there really weren't many teeth in it. There has to be more somewhere else! I'll check back the next time it rains. Only 2 more days until my Aurora trip! YES!

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/27/2003

Not too bad for an hour's work. That big black thing on the right is a whale's inner ear bone, and I picked it up because it has great detail which you can see in the photo. Just beneath it is a bone of some kind. Its completely hollow, which makes me think its some kind of bird bone, but I don't know for sure.

Killer Spear Head
Killer Spear Head
Midnight run to nowhere
Midnight run to nowhere
The proverbial dangling carrot keeps me going
The proverbial dangling carrot keeps me going





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