February 25, 2018  
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Another good fossil day thanks to the rains

Our plans for the day were originally to go to Superpit, but we decided that it was too muddy and we went to the porno complex instead. We got out of the truck and saw how high the water had gotten and we just knew we were gonna rack. That is, until we got into the ditch and saw someone else's footprints there! Our secret spot is secret no longer. It was only a matter of time until someone else found it, but somehow I hoped it would be a little longer. No matter, the person who beat us there missed all kinds of stuff. I found a shamer of an angustidens and a little meg that had been beat to heck, but I never complain. In the end, neither of us found anything great, but then again, I've seldom found anything great there. I left with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach, but it was short live. Monday I'm off work for my birthday hunt, and I'm going to Superpit no matter what! I'll redeem myself then.

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/8/2003

Bummer that the meg is so worn! The colors are great, though. The angy top row, 5th from the right is nice, too.

I’m on a meg streak
I’m on a meg streak
Drenching Averted!
Drenching Averted!
The POS earns its name
The POS earns its name





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