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When opportunity knocks.

   If you've read any of my posts you've probably guessed that I do work for a major museum. One of the things I do is organize fossil collecting trips out west. I have permits for 45 square miles of White River Badlands in South Dakota. Another permit covers 20 square miles of Hell Creek formation in Northern South Dakota. My teams were selected months ago and I'm schedules to leave from Charleston on 14 September. This morning I found out that two of my seasoned volunteers would not make the trip due to sudden health problems. They were part of the team that would be there for the entire two and a half week period. That leaves me really short the second week after most of the volunteers fly home. I'm looking for a few volunteers who would like to join a professional collecting team in famous collecting areas out west. You have to be in good health and a team player. The museum relies heavily on volunteers and as such can't cover your expences. Most volunteers fly into, and out, of Rapid City, SD. Some drive with me from Charleston, SC. I have one day scheduled to collect on the Cheyenne River in the famous Pierre Shale. This ranch is loaded with ammonites, crabs, etc. Anything you find there you keep. I'm offering this chance of a lifetime experience to the members and readers of BRF first. Time is short. For additional information contact me by E-mail. I'll get right back to you. This offer is for anyone. One of our members is from the UK and he can't wait to get back out west every year.

Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/7/2007


The illness and the payoff
The illness and the payoff
A good way to start the year
A good way to start the year
A nice lunch hunt
A nice lunch hunt





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