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The proverbial dangling carrot keeps me going

Its nearing the end of the year at work, now, so I had to take some time off or lose it. Listen to me! Talking like taking a day off is a chore. It was great! Any day toothin is better than it would have been at work. I went all over the place today. I hit the creek near my house for grins, and while it still appears that there is little to no natural erosion going on, the dirt they packed in on the edges seems to have contained teeth. The nice orange angy must have come from there, as the teeth from this place are almost always either green, grey, or brown. Not satisfied to call it a day after that, I went to the ditch up in North Charleston because it had been a while since I had hunted there. Almost everything else in the picture came from there, including the shamer angy. It was just poking out of the edge and the last thing I dug out was the messed up tip. MAN I hate that! Oh well - I could have been coding, so I'll take this any day. Maybe I'll have better luck tommorow.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/29/2001


A good way to start the year
A good way to start the year
The illness and the payoff
The illness and the payoff
A nice lunch hunt
A nice lunch hunt





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