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The streak comes to an end

I was being real today. I knew the killer streak I've been on couldn't last. But still I went as you expect I would have. It was cool, though. Diving is always fun. Da f0ssZ and I hit the river today with images of giant angys shimmering in our head lights. We went to the spot with the whale again so I could show df. The river was up high again, and the current was raging. On top of it, it was cold! The sky was covered with low, dense clouds and there was a breeze blowing all day. Perfect digging weather, but there's no place to dig right now. The water wasn't bad, but once you're in it for a little while, it starts to get chilly. By the end of my second dive, my teeth were chattering. Next week its wetsuit time. Neither of us really scored anything major today. We both found some petrified wood, which is cool. My piece is kindof large - you can see it at the top of the picture. Da f0ssZ also found a nice porpoise tooth. I found a really nice anchor. It was a fun set of dives. I think I'll go scouting new places sometime soon, though. I've got a taste for some more big teeth.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/30/2002


Returning the Artifact
Returning the Artifact
Drawn To the Edisto Again
Drawn To the Edisto Again
The Prize
The Prize





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