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June 4 2004 Fossil Diving Trip

Today, tha duDe and I went fossil diving. It was his first time in the water this year, but he was as ready as I was to get in and find some shark's teeth. My first dive was a winner - I didn't really find anything superb, but I picked up so many teeth that I really didn't even notice the time passing. Visibility was awesome, and by the time I was out of air I was even more excited than when I started. I re-tanked, emptied my dive bag, and immediately went back into the water. I didn't find as much this dive as last, but I was fanning the bottom to expose fossils coming directly from the layer. You don't cover nearly as much territory that way, but sometimes, it pays off (remember this big, killer four inch angustidens from a couple weeks ago?). The dive wasn't a total loss, though, because on the way back to the exit point I found a nice dive knife. And to think, I almost bought one yesterday!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/4/2004

Check out those 4 nice whale teeth on the right hand side of the photo. The double rooter was almost a killer. There's also a decent ray plate to the left of the knife.

Teeth inc.
Teeth inc.
Siezing Opportunity
Siezing Opportunity
Having My Way with the River
Having My Way with the River





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